At FutureFIT, we understand the importance of developing strength as a foundation for mastering fundamental movements, which promotes life long utilisation for a better future in both health and sport

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FutureFIT - Because Exercise Matters

With the growing concern of youth physical inactivity in the UK, we understand the impact this causes later in life relating to the physical, mental and social well being of any individual. Very few children grow-up to become superstar athletes but every child can enjoy the benefits of being active, whether that’s in sport or just participation.

At FutureFIT YPD we provide a platform for all young people to reach their physical potential via fun, skill-based learning. For young people, physical activity should be fun and accessible thereby enabling them to develop self-esteem, confidence, a sense of achievement and the mutual respect of others.

What We Offer

  • Group strength and conditioning sessions for 7-16 year olds
  • 1:1 youth specific PT sessions
  • Sport team strength and conditioning programmes
  • School fitness club provisions
  • Fitness parties

Kids Classes

7-11 Years

Teens Classes

12-16 Years

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